Farmers Insurance - Response*


In spring of 2013, Andy Milonakis took it upon himself to appropriate the Farmers Insurance jingle into a drug anthem. You probably heard it, but if not, here:

Knowing the client would never want to respond, I wrote a parody anyway. It's simultaneously on-brand, cruel to Milonakis, and reminds everyone that I'm a white girl:


We are Farmers, bum bad um bum bum bum
We are Farmers, bum bad um bum bum bum
Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum
We are Farmers, bum bad um bum bum bum


Call the cops, call the cops
Guy drove off, no info swap
It’s a hit and run, now you have to face it
Shoulda talked to your Farmers agent
Auto Home Life Business
Options that reflect your interests
There's a policy for every style

Even Andy's, and he's an adult child


In a flood you’re only covered
If at one point you discovered
You need a separate policy
My agent, he told that to me
Cuz Farmers gives advice for free
Insurance gurus, yes indeed

No, it's not as fun as weed
But it helps out communities


So next time that you buy some stuff
You'll want to protect it, sho nuff
(And if it's drugs, just don't tell us)

Come get a floater policy
We're not evil, you will see
We'll even let you keep sampling our beat
Cause we


*Though I was technically paid for this, let's tell the client I wrote it on my lunch break.