Honda Summer Clearance


The Goal: Advertise a summer sales event without treating it like a summer sales event.

The Idea: Use real tweets to make each piece of content a direct response to an in-market buyer.

The Results: A uniquely integrated campaign that led to record sales and set up an awesome social opportunity.


We used actual tweets in our TV spots and sent links out to those we featured. One even starred Neil Patrick Harris (his 140 characters, anyway).


Same went for print—Honda actually tweeted out responses.

More Results
The campaign led to record sales, including the CR-V's best July ever and the best Civic sales in 13 years. Bonus: @KasiJackson got a little dose of celebrity:



Art Director - TV: Ariel Shukert
Director - TV: Chris Woods
Art Director - Print: Suzie Yeranosyan


click here to view the (more) social component of this campaign.