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Occasionally, I contribute to the Internet. Selected clips below—more available upon request.

If TV Restaurants Were Reviewed On Yelp


The most terrifying fast food experience I’ve ever had. Something I ate (think it may have been the “milky shake?”) caused me to hallucinate a studio audience, a completely unwarranted film option, and a surprisingly long career for Kenan Thompson. Fries were good, though.

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9 Hacks For Breaking Up On Social Media

In an age where our digital connections tend to outlast our personal ones, we have to be careful about how we sever ties. Though most people consider Facebook the biggest offender, there are countless other apps that make us suffer. If you don't de-friend or de-follow immediately upon breaking up, living with those connections takes etiquette, strength and caution. 

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A TV Binge-Watching Guide Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Now that the New York Times agrees, it's official: We're living in the golden age of TV. The small screen now boasts more than a few movie stars and top-line directors. But unfortunately, having an abundance of great shows doesn't mean the world will stop to give us time to watch them. Even once we know we have to filter our intake, it still seems impossible to actually do.


Broad City Knows What Real, Everyday Feminism Looks Like

Broad City is Comedy Central’s newest series, starring creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as two white girls living in Brooklyn. I already watch a show about white girls in Brooklyn, you may be thinking. And it’s on HBO, so it’s cultural and feminist and stuff. An understandable perspective, especially since Comedy Central isn’t a network known for depth and resonance. But Broad City is different. It showcases a unique brand of feminism—a brand where everybody gets laid.

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